Our Approach...

SCS has rapidly positioned itself as a leader in issues management and strategic communications. Our strength is helping clients identify and manage complex, controversial issues. From idea and strategy development to implementation and evaluation, the SCS staff is with you every step of the way, using methods that are decisive, effective and complete. We use a few methods to provide quality service to our clients; one on one consultations, event design, networking, State capitol lobbying, and legislative recaps (specific and non-specific).  

SCS is equipped and experienced in the following areas of external support:

  • Community bonding & bridge building 
  • Stakeholder development & relationship fostering
  • Legislative Session participation
  • Public engagement & Community relations 
  • Crisis Management/communications
  • Media Relations
  • Opinion research
  • Campaign Staffing


One on one consultations

Each client will have an in-person interview with one of our team members to obtain a baseline understanding of our client's needs and expectations. 

As a SCS standard member, you will have an opportunity to request 2 hours of one on one consultations twice a month with the option to roll over. These meetings are optimal when a client has a basic understanding of the presented challenge and wishes to use our expertise to assist with strategic planning and navigation suggestions. SCS is a unique blend of professionals with backgrounds ranging from journalism to public administration, political science, public relations, business and environmental science. These diverse backgrounds, as well as extensive experience with industrial and business issues, government and media ensure SCS’s ability to effectively manage the highest profile issues.

The rollover options can allow the client an opportunity to accumulate hours to be used towards State lobbying or other meetings where representation is necessary. 


Networking/Community engagement 

No matter the industry, having a strong Rolodex of professional contacts is especially useful when the company hits a snag or challenge that appears outside of the typical wheelhouse of the client. From fundraisers to meet and greet events at the client's office to make professional introductions in a social setting, we get it done. 


Governmental Affairs and Interest Advocating

Many companies and enterprises are affected by the laws, rules, and regulations enacted by the government, local or federal. SCS has an extensive background in government affairs with successful results in multiple states. Through the years, we have created winning lobbying campaigns, impactful coalitions, and regulation control. The experience gained working with the state legislature, and governmental agencies have allowed us to create impactful results for our clients. 

General Public Affairs and Representation

SCS will Create external relations and influence the sociopolitical environment for each client. Monthly Capitol newsletter updates are provided per industry with this package. SCS provides practical approaches to our clients’ communications challenges by listening to and understanding client needs and offering a wide range of skills and services. Our services include issues management and strategic communications planning, government affairs, community and employee relations, crisis communication planning, training and management, litigation communications, communications training and media relations, opinion research and multimedia production


Specialized Public Affairs and Representation

SCS will participate in the public policy process with the government, interest groups, and the public to produce reasonable laws, regulations, and other understandings that enable a company to function at an optimal level. Our goal is to create long term growth and profitability for our stakeholders. 

Should there be a pertinent issue or bill on the table or up for discussion specialized Capitol representation will be necessary, as we will have a targeted goal when providing representation at the Capitol


Opinion Research

SCS believes research — both formal and informal — is the foundation for a successful communications program. Identifying key issues and understanding public perception is a key step in communicating effectively. SCS has developed, conducted and interpreted hundreds of statistically valid telephone polls and conducted numerous focus groups for many of our clients on a variety of issues across the country. Through the years we have tracked trends and attitudes as well as identified emerging issues to help our clients stay ahead of the curve. In addition, the SCS office offers a convenient on-site focus group facility that can accommodate up to 20 participants.


Legislative recaps (specific and non-specific)  

Legislative recaps (specific and non-specific)  

Legislative recaps are helpful when the client wants a simple breakdown of the most recent legislative session. The recaps will include all of the bills introduced, sponsors and cosponsors, outcomes, and in some cases, the next steps.

The recaps can contain industry-specific data or legislative data, which is a recap of the session, including topics that may not be pertinent to the client's industry. All standard memberships come with a general non-specific legislative recap. Premium and Executive memberships receive a general legislative recap with the option of customizing their personal recap edition (see membership tab).


Areas of Expertise

  • Political Strategy and Communications
  • Public and Government Affairs 
  • Information technology
  • K-12 and higher education
  • Land Bank/Land Trust
  • State and Federal Appropriations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Opinion Research
  • Renewable Energy
  • Regulated Industries
  • Staffing